Walk your talk

I’ve just come back from a beautiful weekend away, a teaching weekend with Minmia. Sharing stories and food with fifty women, staying in bunk beds, laughing, experiencing community and as Minmia would say basking in ‘women’s essences’.

With acute consciousness I left my camera at home so that there would be no boundary to my sensory experience and I am so glad that I did. On the one hand I want to be able to document and share what I am learning and experiencing and on the other I want to keep it for myself, as sharing might be too hard and I might need to explain my own connectedness to Nungeena tya (mother earth).

‘Hang on’, you say. ‘What’s all this hippie shit?’

I’m not going to share much, just a place to begin.

You can find out about Minmia and her beautiful book ‘Under the Quandong Tree’ here.

Or watch her telling an Aboriginal love story here.