16 hours to Danang {Vietnam Stories}

The next leg of my Vietnam adventure began as I embarked on a 16 hour train journey from Hanoi to Danang. I departed at 7pm on the Livitran overnight train in a four berth cabin.
The repetitive clacker over the tracks joins the soundtrack on my headphones as I watch the bustle of Hanoi slowly drift into farmland. The motion of the train eventually rocking me to sleep.

By 11am the next morning, I welcome the arrival at Danang station. Somewhat giddy on my feet from 16 hours of motion, I walk past the taxi drivers calling for me to ride with them to the main street and catch the local bus to Hoi An.

The bus conductor shuffles me on and charges me 50,000 Dong. I know it’s the tourist price but for $2.50 for an hour ride, I am happy to smile and pay.

The bus arrives at a local bus station out of town. A cohort of motor bike drivers try to coax me onto the back of their bikes, backpack and all. Apparently there are no taxis but after a week in Vietnam I can smell a scam a mile off.

And so I put on my backpack and I start walking down the road and I catch a taxi straight to my hotel.


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