Free Little People

I’m into sandpits. Not only that, I love dirt, running free, swimming in the ocean and dancing in the rain. I try to hold onto as much as that childhood spark as I can. Sometimes, as adults,  it’s not that easy. There’s always so much stuff to do. But sometimes when everyone else is ordering expressos and chai lattes I like to order a chocolate milkshake.

My three girls are free little people. They chat to ants and befriend magpies. They wholeheartedly believe in fairies and love to pick and eat berries straight from our garden in Summer. They are daydreamers full of magic. That spark that we try to hold onto as adults they live and breath.

I’m not sure when and how that freedom of spirit gets drummed, squished and beaten out of us. Somewhere in the competitive nature of our culture, a bad experience here, disillusionment there. But I hope they hold onto even more than I have. I hope that when they are almost forty they still revel in eating homegrown berries, they still dance in the rain and let their toes squish in the sand.

And that I might sit with them in a cafe and share a chocolate milkshake.


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